Quality, Commitment, Service, and Satisfaction

Why SMACNA Contractors?

One of the key reasons that Stromberg Metal Works, Inc. has been a staple of the metal industry in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia for more than 70 years, is the quality and the professionalism of the employees who proudly own and keep it operating on a daily basis. Every member of the Stromberg Metals Inc. team is a proven expert in their respective area of metal work, guaranteeing that both the services and the guidance provided to our clients comes from a place of genuine experience, knowledge, and hand-on functionality in all modern trends pertaining to metal work.

Commitment to our customers

Stromberg’s mechanics, technicians, and other key personnel have graduated from a rigorous training program and are master craftsmenThey have the skills, education, and experience necessaryto make every one of your own metal works projects a great success.

With more thanhalf a century ofexperience in the metal works industry, Stromberg Metal Works always recommends SMACNA contractors for your projects assuring the highest quality and standards available in the industry.While other have the “option” of working to SMACNA standards, our work meets or exceeds those standards.

SMACNA work means commitment, quality work, and guaranteed success thanks to:

  • Education – Journeypersons are required to go through a rigorous five-year apprenticeship which includes 720 hours of class work and 8,000 hours of field work alongside of an experienced professional. Our industry invests more thanonemillion dollars annually on educating prentices to the highest standards.
  • Track Record – Stromberg Metal Works often tackles the most challenging projects because our customers understand our recordand reputation of making their job our priority and . Stromberg Metal Works excelling on fast track and demanding projects where other contractors would falter.
  • Reduced Energy Costs – At a time when the construction community is challenged with making buildings more energy efficient, Stromberg Metal Works has the expertise necessary to meet the highest Green Building Standards.
  • Covid Prevention- By providing a quality HVAC installation, buildings have cleaner air to building occupants.This is also less waste due to leakage which in turn translates into reduced energy costs to the owner and building tenants.
  • Drug Free Job Site – All potential apprentices must go through a mandatory drug screening before starting the education program. Stromberg Metal Works continues this standard by conducting spot tests on all our members to reduce accidents due to impairment.
  • Valued, Engaged Workers. Studies show that workers who are treated well make better, more committed teams who take great pride in their work. Stromberg Metal Works provides their workersgoodwages in addition to generous health and retirement benefits. We also place a high priority on worker safety and provide extensive and ongoing safety training. Our reams also have a top-quality arsenal of safety equipment including gloves, glasses, ear protection and fall prevention devices, and more.

In addition,the company also provides incentives to ensure that allemployees followthe strict protocols that are enforced on every job site.

Since 1940, Stromberg Metal Works, Inc. has functioned with this philosophy in mind – Quality, Commitment, Service and Satisfaction. If you’re in one of our areas, please stop in and talk with one of our many experts about our many services and available metal works equipment. Or, call 301/931-1000 aboutyour project’s specialized metal work needs!