Quality, Commitment, Service, and Satisfaction


Stromberg Metal Works, Inc.’s renowned reputation in the professional metal works industry began modestly in 1940, when Paul W. Stromberg, a veteran of the Navy and U.S. Merchant Marine founded Stromberg Sheet Metal Works of Washington, using his unique expertise to assist the military with extensive work for the War and Navy Departments during World War II. Since that time, we’ve grown and expanded by leads and bounds, both the geographical areas in which we proudly service the communities’ metal works needs, and in the modern equipment and services that we make available.

With that expansion and growth in mind, we’re proud that each of our locations caters to a diverse area of the metal works industry, complete with the square-footage for your needs, as well as on-hand experts to guide and educate you in the available technologies at your disposal. Our services cover every area for all your metal work needs, from various components for ductwork and plasma cutting, to specialization in cleanroom and pharmaceutical locations, Stromberg Metals is fully-equipped to service an accelerated metal-oriented project of every size and scope.

With 63,000 square-feet of usable space, our chief corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing plant is conveniently located in Beltsville, Maryland. For all your project’s preliminary needs, this location serves for meetings with the contractor’s office, as well as inquiries for your ongoing metal works needs. Stromberg’s Vice President of Operations, Gary Valdisera is on-hand to meet and guide your own work through the initial stages of your project’s larger scope. In Linthicum, our Baltimore Project Managers’ Office, maintained by our Senior Project Manager, Dave Weber, is open and functional for additional meetings with contractors and to outline your ongoing needs, providing 12,000 square-feet of usable space.

For Specialty and Architectural needs, our secondary location in Beltsville, Maryland is ideal for those metal works projects leaning towards ornamental and commercially-function in unique design and build. This location, maintained by Operations Manager Joe Puckett, also provides 14,500 square-feet of space.

Stromberg Metal Works, Inc. also provides an affiliate office in North Carolina, further aiding in larger projects that cross state lines, or are located in the more southern portion of the east coast. Operations Manager Billy Blank is on-hand to answer any project inquires and to provide information on that location’s 10,000 of available space.

Corporate Offices and Manufacturing Plant
6701 Distribution Drive
Beltsville, Maryland 20705
Ph: 301-931-1000
Fax: 301-931-1020
Baltimore Project Managers’ Offices
803 Barkwood Court, Suite H
Linthicum, MD 21090
Phone: 410-589-5521
Fax: 410-589-5471
Specialty & Arch. Office and Manufacturing Plant
6700-A Distribution Drive
Beltsville, Maryland 20705
Ph: 301-931-2070
Fax: 301-931-1021
North Carolina’s Offices and Manufacturing Plant
6701 Fleetwood Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612
Ph: 919-781-2515
Fax: 919-781-6858

North Carolina Office

  • Christian CastrejonChristian Castrejon
    Shop Superintendent
  • Billy BlankBilly Blank
    General Manager
  • Justin CofferJustin Coffer
  • Larry-GregoryLarry Gergory
    Senior Project Manager
  • Rich GaudetRich Gaudet
  • Kim CrosbyKim Crosby
Since 1940, Stromberg Metal Works, Inc. has functioned with one single philosophy in mind – Quality, Commitment, Service and Satisfaction. If you’re in the Baltimore, Beltsville, or Linthicum areas, stop in and talk with one of our many experts about our many services and available metal works equipment. Or, contact us today at 301-931-1000 to let us know your project’s specialized metal work needs!