Quality, Commitment, Service, and Satisfaction

Key Personnel

Name Position
Mike Tabor Regional Director of Operations
Mary Patricia Suhr Chief Financial Officer
William Gawne Chief Operations Officer
Billy Blank General Manager – North Carolina Division
Dave Weber General Manager – Baltimore Division
Joe Puckett General Manager – Specialty/Architectual Division
Gary Valdisera General Superintendent
John Maddy Senior Estimator
William Mould Director of Safety

Our renowned reputation in the professional metal works industry began modestly in 1940, when Paul W. Stromberg, a veteran of the Navy and U.S. Merchant Marine founded Stromberg Sheet Metal Works of Washington, using his unique expertise to assist the military with extensive work for the War and Navy Departments during World War II. In 1950, Stromberg hired a young engineer named Cavet Snyder and together, the two were able to lead the growing company through years of rapid expansion. In 1958, Mr. Robert Gawne, a 1950 graduate of Notre Dame with a BS in Mechanical Engineering was hired as Chief Engineer, further leading the way towards making Stromberg Metal Works, Inc. an industry leader in all facets of metals works throughout New England.

After nearly 30 years of service, Gawne purchased Stromberg Sheet Metal, Inc. from the then current owners in 1987. Proudly proclaiming the company an employee-owned and operated entity, Gawne and 102 employees became the new owners of Stromberg Sheet Metal, Inc. through an Employee Stock Option Plan. With this practice instilled, Stromberg continues to operate as a company completely populated with the leading experts in all fields of metal works, from project planning and design, to selecting the most-current and modern equipment on the market and providing the necessary expertise in utilization.